Get all Marie Kondo (kind of) in the workplace

You are back at work. The Australia Day long weekend is over. The year has officially started. You have no further excuses and Easter, which falls in the second quarter, or more specifically week 16 of 52, comes around fast. If you were thinking about drafting, a ‘To-Do’ list for your workplace this year I have some categories that should be included and a Marie Kondo approach is not a bad way to go.

Now I don’t propose you necessarily throw out things you have fallen out of love with and don’t bring you joy, although in a corporate environment there are plenty of those. Rather, I propose you have a list of categories, and rules for achieving results that, once completed, will improve your workplace for you and for those you are responsible, this project will have a beneficial effect on the bottom line, and provide a few quick/clearly identifiable wins for you in the first quarter. Remember those from your 90-day plan when you first took over your current role?

Your categories

  1. Workplace policies – Are they adequate in a Blockchain/Bitcoin era? Are they current or do they need to be reviewed? Do it yourself, outsource it, even attempt to get consensus by committee if you have the patience.
  2. Team harmony – Although I can’t do an algorithm for you, my experience evidences that the talent is more likely to walk out the door after annual leave or near their birthday. Be Major Good Vibes until everyone is collectively off and racing for the year. Conversely, let recalcitrant employees move on and find their happy place.
  3. Move desks/workplace design – For those who work in an open plan environment, and even those in dog box offices, move everyone around for a new neighbour feel. A few teething issues maybe, but it will result in a new team atmosphere and dynamic. Gone are last year’s cabals and neighbourly disputes. On a more technical level, start having a look at the science of workplace design. The results evidence it gives a competitive edge, but Australia has been slow to adopt the full scope of its potential. Check out the smart and clever people at Measuremen who have an office in Australia. Marie Kondo would probably respect and approve.
  4. Training – Plan for both you and your people and diarise it asap. Upskilling employees can actually help to retain rather than lose them. New skills give more earning potential for the business as well.
  5. Contracts – Plan to review employment terms for currency and update where necessary.
  6. Contractors/Casual Employees – Are they really?
  7. Records – They must be legislatively compliant, be kept for the appropriate length, and stored (in keeping with the KonMari method, hardcopy can be transferred to secure electronic for space saving).
  8. Be a better boss – There is a lot of reading out there on the subject if you need it. Promise yourself and plan a few small steps.
  9. Balance – Work/Life balance is not completely obtainable, but work at it.

Use whatever intelligent Atlassian timetabling and issue tracking software you have and get it underway before Easter arrives.

Article by Charles Watson

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