Getting problems sorted

Workplace relations is a specialised and tricky field. It shapes society, government policy, business outcomes and at its core is the relationship between employers and employees. Its a broad area of endeavour, is influenced by dozens of ever changing pieces of legislation, and always brings forth ‘passionate’ behaviour. Ni Gao is a talented and pragmatic workplace relations practitioner who loves solving problems. We thought we would ask Ni how she does it.

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Are you a triple threat?

Multi-talented corporate advisor Joyce Au is one.

Being both a chartered accountant and a Cambridge educated lawyer, Joyce Au is one of the most driven and talented, yet modest, professionals you could meet. Added to her arsenal are some awesome salsa skills which make Joyce a real triple threat. We asked Joyce for the details on what she does as a corporate advisor, how she got to where she is now, where she is going, and how she finds balance in doing it all.

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How to stop procrastinating: advice from a chronic procrastinator

Article by Ni Gao – Workplace relations specialist

Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said ‘You may delay, but time will not’. Everyone is guilty of it from time to time, or often. In an open consideration on procrastination and how to overcome it, Ni Gao, provides six actions she applies to keep things on track.

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