A winning combination

Success at work doesn’t just happen and it is rarely about doing one thing 100% better. Usually successful outcomes requires regular and mindful tweaking of numerous factors. Regular contributor and employment relations specialist, Charles Watson, considers his success at sailing as analogous to getting the best outcomes in the workplace. His view is that most of the work is done before the starting line.

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The best time for bad news is right now

Article by Charles Watson – Workplace relations and compliance specialist

One of the most difficult things to undertake when leading people is needing to discuss poor performance or unacceptable conduct. Harder still is holding a ‘show cause’ meeting that is likely to result in the termination of a worker’s employment. You have to deal with a little discomfort and an increase in heart rate, but you have no choice. The worker may be an ingratiated high performer in their role but if you don’t “do whatcha gotta do” …the losses will be bigger than you imagine.

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